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Planning Appeal submitted for the change of use from two flats to one house – Thames Ditton

We was instructed to draft the Grounds of Appeal following refusal of permission by Elmbridge Council for a building to change from two very dilapidated flats back into a dwellinghouse, for which it was originally constructed and is on a road of other dwellinghouses.  We argued that the revision of the property from two flats to a single family dwellinghouse would secure several benefits in terms of improvements to the interior of the building, demand for on-street parking, cycle parking, energy and waste refuse/recycling storage. There would be some streetscene benefits by converting this building back to its original use and a family dwelling would be provided in this sustainable location in walking distance to shops, doctors, schools, public transport and other amenities.  The environmental benefits and improvements to the living accommodation would outweigh the small amount of harm form the loss of one small unit. Further, it would provide a much needed 3 bedroom dwelling which the Council has indicated there is a need for in the borough.

Pending decision