Two storey side and rear extension to detached dwelling

We were approached by the owners of a bungalow who had had planning permission refused for a part two storey part single extension.  We advised on a re-design and supported the planning application with a full planning statement. We contacted the local ward Councillor who had previously objected and advised neighbours to support the application. 

Decision pending

Planning appeal for new dwellinghouse in Walthamstow – Success

The owner of the property submitted a further application which the Council refused on 3 grounds  – design, lack of cycle space and lack of financial contribution towards trees. We submitted another appeal and applied for an award of costs against the Council.  We were successful on all grounds with planning permission being approved for the new 3 bedroom dwelling and the Inspector agreeing with us that the Council had been unreasonable and awarded full costs relating to two of the reasons for refusal.  A great result.

Planning appeal for a new dwellinghouse in Walthamstow

Cameron Jones Planning was instructed to write an appeal statement and submit the appeal against refusal of permission for a new dwelling. Whilst the appeal was dismissed it was only on one minor design issue with the Inspector agreeing that issues related to concept of two properties, the formation of the rear extension, the proposed living conditions (i.e. room sizes), the formation of the dormer, the bins, and the outlook from No.31 were all acceptable.

Planning appeal – Old Kent Road, Southwark

I was approached to write the statement and submit an appeal following refusal of planning permission for an extension to the roof. The appeal was dismissed but the Inspector accepted my argument that the roof extension would not cause harm to the butterfly roof. The only contentious issue was the size of the rooms which can be easily rectified and another application to be submitted shortly.

Objection Letter

I have drafted an objection letter against a development refused by Islington Council which had been appealed. The proposal is a bulky and unneighbourly 2 storey rear extension on a terraced house, a grade II listed building in a Conservation Area.

The Appeal has subsequently been dismissed.