Bracknell Forest

Public Inquiry for 350 housing scheme in Binfield

I acted for Bracknell Borough Council as their planning witness at a 3 week public inquiry (in December) against a scheme for up to 350 residential dwellings, land for a one-form entry primary school, a medical centre including pharmacy (1,200 sq m), a sports pavilion (140 sq m), open space, landscaping, Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) and drainage on land to the south of Foxley Lane, Binfield.

​I drafted a 10,000 word Proof of Evidence, attended meetings with the barrister, attended the site visits and gave evidence at the Inquiry. The Inspector dismissed the scheme due to the impact the development would have upon the landscape and due to its unsustainable location. A great decision for the borough.

Planning application – Detached garage in Bracknell granted planning permission

Cameron Jones Planning were successful in gaining planning permission for a detached garage after a year long battle with the Council over its height. The owners had gained permission for the garage with a room in the roof but when it was built the roof was raised by 30cm. The Council received complaints that it was not in accordance to the approved plans and refused planning permission for an amended version of the garage.

I then provided advice and submitted a new planning application to retain the building as constructed presenting the application with a streetscene plan to show that there was no harm. 13 letters of support were submitted and the application was approved. The owners can now complete the building. The relieved owner stated “Thanks so much again. It really is wonderful news!”

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